Introduction of Testing framework

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In Selenium WebDriver we have seen how to manage using the methodology of the science of JUnit. So far we have investigations but we do not have JUnit reports. In this series of Selenium series, we introduce a new powerful test called Testing. The testing test methodology means the next generation, so that we can [...]

Best AngularJS Features For Web Application Development

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AngularJS  is the most widely used and has been the development schedule for development in developing web applications. This happened because AngularJS has developed the development of a wide range of standards to develop interacting online applications, easy to use and independent of the program. All the development process is done short and easy and [...]

What is UiPATH?

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Many companies take more every day. With digitization, the main advantage is killing the speed. But the challenge with digitization is that it needs different tools, so, they need a job with different skills to manage them. However, the strength of the labor force in various industries has decreased. To help solve these problems, the [...]

8 Skills You Need to be a Data Scientist

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Regardless of your past experience or knowledge, there is nothing you need to continue to do in data science. I am here to help you learn the skills necessary for the development and where you can learn. In particular, he and the team work with industry leaders to identify a total of eight scientific knowledge [...]

Python Oops Concepts

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Python is the Object-oriented programming language. It allows us to develop applications through the intent of purpose. Python, we can create and use classes and simply. Below is a list of the most important principles of the program. Object Class Method Inheritance  Polymorphism Data Abstraction Encapsulation Object The type is property and nature. It can [...]

What is Selenium WebDriver?

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Today, users access web sites and web applications in different browsers, locations and tools. Companies should try regular equipment to evaluate all aspects of the web applications using webmasters, locations and short-term equipment. Apart from reducing the time to test the web application, automated testing tools also help quality control professionals to produce reliable and [...]

What is the Difference Between Data Science and Machine Learning?

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One of the most confusing technologies among modern technologies such as intelligence, engineering, data science, deep learning. Although they are all connected, each has a different purpose and function. In the past few years, the popularity of these technologies has increased to some extent that many companies have now realized how important and growing they [...]

DevOps Security Best Practices

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DevOps security refers to environmental and ethical behavior through the entire DevOps strategy, policies, processes and technology. Safety should stay in any part of DevOps's life cycle, including birth, design, construction, investigation, release, support, repairs, and out-of-doors. Today, this type of "baking" security DevOps is typically called DevSecOps, which aims to improve security through collaboration [...]

Features of Java

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The main purpose of the Java programming language was created to become a portable, safe and secure language. In addition, there are also great things that play an important role in the popularity of this language. It has language that is not a service or service provided by industrial and industrial programs. Some important features [...]

Difference between Agile and DevOps

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To better understand the difference between the two, let's look at the past. Although both are the most commonly used words of software development, they are not all the same, but it is also not foes either. Initially, when software development was a newer word and there was no way to implement the domain for [...]

What is Automation Anywhere?

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Automation Anywhere is are one of the most powerful and affordable RPA capable of destroying all the hard work. This is one of the "modern technologies" to change the way the company works. This tool combines ordinary RPA and basic elements such as natural language comprehension and reading any unstructured data. Automation anywhere allows organizations [...]