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What is Selenium WebDriver?

Today, users access web sites and web applications in different browsers, locations and tools. Companies should try regular equipment to evaluate all aspects of the web applications using webmasters, locations and short-term equipment. Apart from reducing the time to test the web application, automated testing tools also help quality control professionals to produce reliable and accurate test results.

To test regularly automatically tested, selenium facilitates and enhances web applications by supporting a variety of tests wounds, operating system and programming language. Selenium supplies will then facilitate testing and retrieving professional websites and controlling the various aspects of your online program on your program. Regarding your actual needs, web application testing is optional using the Selenium or Selected IDE WebDriver.

Firefox, IDE selenium helps researchers create textbooks to produce error and accelerate exploration of research tools. On the other hand, selenium will help WebDriver testers to create regression testing automation and quickly networking. Web developers can use WebDriver Selenium to divide the characters into the multi-test environment. Selenium WebDriver also offers a series of series to speed up the automated application tests on the web.

Understand important parts of the Selenium WebDriver

Overcomes shortcomings of Selenium RC

The WebDriver Selection is designed to be a temporary remote control of selenium (RC). During the use of Selenium RC, experiments must go to the web pages using the web browser’s web page. But WebDriver Selenium is benefiting from the integrated support provided by the web site to open the web and web site of the car. Therefore, it is easy to test web applications for web applications through several internet browsers using one device.

Supports Multiple Browsers and program languages

Unlike IDE Selenium, Selenium WebDriver is working on several vulnerabilities, including Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This guide facilitates experiments to try the same test against the various web sites. At the same time, search appliances also support multiple languages ​​such as Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python and .NET. It also allows the use of other light testing exams and follow cycles when writing a writing test.

Simple Architecture

In addition to the Selenium RC defects, the Selenium Web site also has a simple structure. Control the web browser’s operating system level. Therefore, examinations can take place directly on test scores without starting the web server. However, the trial version of the Web site must compile the IDE protocols through the specific program language. You can easily test the web application by combining the browser language program and the IDE program.

Facilitating integration in real time

During a web application survey, the Selected WebDriver tries to deal with a variety of possibilities. An occupational exam has the opportunity to control the automated media to carry out a particular action as the actual user. For example, developers often prevent users from sending tips and suggestions from specific boxes. When a case-based case for use is disabled, WebDriver selenium did not charge a fee at the time of the test.

Really produces user actions

In addition to facilitating the real-time integration of the network, the Selected WebDriver has the capability to adhere to the specific user activity actions. It allows users to try bodily movements when testing web pages. Similarly, a professional test may also be used to simultaneously link important events to the computer classroom events. At the same time, on the test site test allows experiments to try user actions, such as clicking and tracking the listener. The test can use WebDriverEventListener methods Make specific activities when evaluating web application.

Accelerates Test Script Execution

Unlike selenium RC, scientists do not need testing WebDriver to launch the server before running the test. It also depends on the online web site without connecting to the mediators. In addition, it is controlled through the engineering really. The absence of mediators makes Selenium IDE much faster than previously. In addition, WebDriver accelerates the test writing test, giving instructions directly to the web site.

Application programming Interface (API)

Web application testers also have the opportunity to use the API selenium WebDriver as a 2.0 selenium selenium. In addition to overcoming the limits of selenium-RC API, API WebDriver also comes with improved support for dynamic web pages. Experts can use APIs to evaluate site changes without restoring the full web site. At the same time, it can test the speed of use by creating a web of features that provide API includes including computer or file sharing, pop-up and dialogs barrier.

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