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You need to know about Software Testing

Software testing is the process of finding bugs in running an application or program. Software testing helps you to know the quality of the service or products. Moreover it is prevalent in every IT company. In order to learn about software testing, which includes various steps and become a certified professional, one has to undergo software testing training. TIS Academy provides the best
Software Testing Training in Chennai.

Step by step guide: What will you learn in Software Testing Training?

  • As a first step you will learn to check the software quality. In this step you will check by what degree a component, system, or process satisfies the customer’s expectations and needs.
  • The second step is to know about the various Dimensions of software quality and analyze them. The various dimensions that you would be trained about are: Accessibility, Compatibility, Concurrency, Efficiency, Functionality, Installability, Localizability, Maintainability, Performance, Portability, Reliability, Scalability, Security, Testability and Usability.
  • The third step is to check the Software quality assurance. Software quality assurance consists of various activities such as auditing, training, etc for checking the software training engineering processes. Software quality assurance helps you in detecting the weaknesses present in the processes and improve and modify the process by correcting the weakness.
  • The fourth step is software quality control which consists of many testing and reviewing phases to ensure whether the product meets the Promised requirements or specifications.
  • Learning about Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and Software Quality Control (SQC) and implementing them in software testing is another important process.
  • The fifth step is Software development life cycle which helps you to categorize the various steps or phases uses in building the software.
  • The final step is Software testing life cycle where you will finally test the software. The test includes 6 phases, namely: Designs or requirements review, Test planning, Test designing, Test environment setup, Test execution and Test reporting.
    During the training period you will also be trained on various software testing myths which are to be avoided.

Why TIS Academy?

TIS Academy is the best Software Testing training center in Chennai. We train you in details about all the steps of software testing training and after the course is over we provide you with a certificate, which makes you a certified software trainer. Our professional trainers attend to every student in the class personally. Moreover our training fee is very reasonable. So what are you waiting for? Come and get the best training with us.

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