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How To Use Grammarly To Improve Your Writing

hello creatives I’m Johanna pen from the creative pen comm and today I’m talking about how you can use grammerly to improve your writing so what is grammerly well it’s an online proofreading tool which means you can either copy and paste your chapters into it or you can have it as like a plugin […]

How To Write A Scholarship Essay

so each year billions and millions of dollars in scholarships are offered yet some Awards still go unclaimed that’s almost like seeing no to free money so this got me to wondering why are there more people applying for scholarships as I asked her out I heard everything from its inception such as only honor […]

Annotated Bibliography Sample

as you gather your sources and work on beginning your annotated bibliography I’d like to go through this sample with you so you can know exactly what you need to put in your assignment to get a good grade the first thing you want to do is when you open your word document make sure […]