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June 2, 2019 RPA

Robot Process automation technology is new in the industry and to implement the RPA RPA we have tools. You must be aware of at least one of the RPAs and the certification of a tool such as UiPath can be accessed as a RPA developer. In this blog, RPA tools, the topics discussed below:

introduction of RPA

Robotics Process automation  is the smart way to work on a task that can not be easily categorized by the use of artificial intelligence (AI). After saying this, let me explain all the terms of this.

robotic machine that mimics the actions of a man called a robot.

Process: A series of steps that lead to meaningful activities. For example: – the process of making tea or the process of making your favorite dishes and other

Automation: Any process that has been executed by a robot without human intervention.

To summarize, imitating a man’s actions to accomplish a series of steps leading to a meaningful activity without any human intervention known as robotics automation process.

RPA: List Tools

And setting the right context for this article, as well as details about the robotic automation process explained to what extent it is needed, we are now in a position to take another step in analyzing the options we have in the market today is present. We will list all of them below and analyze the pros and cons of each of the robotic automation process equipment to understand the best among the others. This section will deal with the number of options available and also a list of them below in order of importance (meaning the most important ones will appear at the top of the list and at least will end with the most important position in the list). I hope this will offer the best of our knowledge the quest for.

The following are some of the vendors of robotic process automation tools that provide the same most appreciated RPA to automate business processes.

  • blue prism
  • Uipath
  • Kula Automation
  • Softomotive
  • Pega systems
  • KOFAX Lexmark
  • done
  • Giant
  • Novayre Solution
  • WorkFusion

Now that we literally go through a big name that is very popular in the area of ​​automation and also that we have passed by important that each device must be for ourselves in the use of robotic automation tour process equipment and we have them go through the main factors that make teams this option is not very convincing. Let us go through the main factor (although we can not cover almost all the technical and financial aspects in the world today), but let’s make sure that what we go through is the most important.

The next section of the article is completely devoted to discussing these and decides on the most important factor that can change your opinion about the available Process Robot Automation software tool, although it is very appreciable in the market today. This fact is known that not all products are those of the other solution, the basis, which should always seek the most suitable system for the requirement that companies possess.

Checklist for choosing RPA tools:

Robotic Process Automation equipments that are available in the market today, we should be able to go through some of the important factors of this basis, we should be able to opt for a more appropriate robotic automation process. Here we briefly classify a number of factors that may influence the decision to opt for robotic process automation that better fits our business, but not all factors can be met while choosing the right path for our business needs. . We see that we will not discuss the most important and the remainder can be rendered in the factors that make the choice intriguing for the business or not.

The complete list of factors influencing the business decision of the Organization to buy can be classified as follows:

  • technology
  • visualization
  • administration
  • safety
  • Total integrations
  • Sale of support

Now let’s discuss in detail the factors that make the difference:

Technology: First of all is the technology that EPR did, for example, Microsoft .NET, IBM mainframe, Java, web tools, etc. The platform has to be free, many organizations see them doing daily tasks for days off the local desktop via Citrix or virtual machines, etc. Automation solution that must support all applications and platforms.

Interface (ease of use): The most important feature is the following RPA user interface tool. A complex user interface will slow down the application process and improve the learning curve and adaptability. An easy-to-use interface such as drag and drop, auto capture, image recognition, etc. it will be good.

Management: It is important to know how effective and simple the robot can successfully see that the robot would be the man to replace their workforce. There must be a high level of visibility and control in terms of the monitoring process, the process of change, development, reuse, etc.

Security: How safe are robots compared to humans? After all the RPA robot / equipment also a piece of software, so many security controls that can be implemented more, the test code and the rigidly delimit, the better. Automation solutions that support the compliance process (such as HIPAA – Health Industry, SOX – Financial Sector, PCI DSS – credit card and other organizations) are some of the factors considered in terms of security.

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