What’s the Value of an AWS Certification?

June 3, 2019 AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the few technologies used around the world and the size and function of company difference. A technology like universal used must have a universal proof that validates the skills of the professional world and that is claimed. For AWS, Amazon.com and its affiliates take the test and provide official AWS certification. This certification helps companies hire knowledge and skilled AWS professionals.

AWS certification is offered in three levels: fundamental, partners and professionals. It is also offered for three functions: architects, developers and operations. In addition to this category, there are two special certifications certified by AWS Advanced Networks and certified by the large volumes of AWS data. No basic certification level is required to apply the combination certification option. But the certification is to apply the jargon applicable to the professional diploma.

Certification is determined by a series of certifications and certifications in the interest of having your salary or promotion. In this case, AWS certification is greatly appreciated. For example, when you get AWS certification, you have the right and can apply for and get a job, anywhere in the world, regardless of where you live or where you learn AWS.

Starting on the Path to AWS Certification

AWS certifications (and the AWS exercise) are a program designed for solutions based on function architects, developers, and operating system administrators. In each role, professional and associate level certifications are true. While training is not necessary before attempting a certification exam, it is highly recommended.

solutions architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Partner-level certification validates this hands-on experience with the AWS project for cost-effective, distributed, error-tolerant, and high-availability systems. This confirms your ability to identify and determine the conditions for the application of an AWS database and follow best practices for building applications on a secure and reliable AWS platform. Exercise is recommended: Architecting at AWS. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional level certification validates the knowledge and advanced technical experience in the design and application of distributed systems on the AWS platform. Best practice: advanced AWS architecture


AWS Certified Developers – The Certification Level Partner validates the technical knowledge to remain in the development of applications on the AWS platform. the exams test your knowledge of the following concepts:

  • Choose the appropriate AWS services for the application.
  • Use the AWS SDK to interact with your application’s AWS services.
  • Write code that optimizes the performance of the AWS services that use the application.
  • Security application level code (functions, credentials, encryption, etc. of the IAM)

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