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June 1, 2019 Python

A data scientist, according to the Harvard Business Review, “a high professional and curious practice of making discoveries in the world of Big Data.” Therefore, it is not surprising that data scientists are professionals coveted in the analysis of large volumes of data and in the IT industry.

With experts predicting that 40 zettabytes of data will be in the presence of 2020 (Source), data processing career opportunity will only skyrocket! The lack of skilled professionals in the world, increasingly data for decision-making, also led to a great demand for data scientists of the newly established company is also well established. A study by the McKinsey Global Institute said that in 2018, the United States itself will face a shortage of 190,000 professionals and analytical skills in the hinterland. Data and large waves show no signs of slowing, there is a race between global companies to hire data scientists to tame their business large volumes of critical data.

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Career prospects for Science Data professionals

  1. Scientific data

Companies rely heavily on data and analysis to drive decision-making. This business relies heavily on artificial intelligence and machine learning for its strategic planning, so it requires specialized and professional knowledge to manage and analyze large amounts of data. Data scientists are responsible for finding important information from structured and unstructured data and for helping companies to achieve their goals.

  1. Data Analysts

Data analysts collect, process, and perform data analysis. Business leaders need to translate sales from market research, logistics, transportation costs or into plain English. They organize, normalize and calibrate the data so that they can be easily extracted and used. Data analysts to work with data scientists, IT as well as the management team to ensure clear data views. This professional is also required to make the data cards and charts, while producing and monitoring the key performance indicators. Job opportunities for data analysts are huge and the jobs that are available in the public and private sectors.

  1. Data Engineer

Data engineers are building huge dams for large data. In addition to growing, building, testing and maintaining a database and processing systems. Sure, they create data channels, which extract information from multiple sources. Then integrate, consolidate, and structure data for a variety of applications.

  1. Data Mining Engineers

A mining engineer job profile includes examining our data set of data from large organizations that could be used to track the third party. In addition, unstructured and unstructured data analysis for data mining engineers also creates an algorithm to speed up the data analysis process. In addition, they also create and maintain the infrastructure, and the software does programming or scripting to develop and deploy great data solutions.

  1. Data Architect

A profile of scientific dissemination professionals to enter data, including data architects. They are responsible for making system management data plans after analyzing the data and identifying the structural and assembling solutions. They are primarily responsible for designing and implementing an effective database solution for storing and retrieving data, evaluating the database application, increasing the system database, solving problems, integrating new features and preparing reports, among others

  1. statistics

Another popular profile is that of a statistician, in which data is extracted from the database through the use of methodology and statistical tests. materials for learning statistical data considered basic science that helps in the analysis, organization and contextualization of the data. linear regression, some options, discriminant analysis and classification of some important aspects

Data Scientist Job Roles

A data scientist in many hats / na gaw her. Not only are data scientists responsible business analysis, they are also involved in the development of product data and software platform, along with the growing visualizations and machine learning algorithms.

Some scientists who direct the data of the project is important:

  • Data scientists
  • Data Architect
  • Data Administrator
  • Data analyst
  • Business analysts
  • Analysis data / Director
  • Business Intelligence Manager …

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