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April 28, 2017 Python

Introduction to Python

Python is one of the scripting language programs and which supports many open source language. 90% of peoples are using python for web development because it is easy and reliable to use. As a result of many open source techniques python helps to build application at faster and efficient manner

Uses of python

Python is widely used to develop various applications and it can support various OS like windows, UNIX, Linux… Many companies like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are using python

Feature of python

The main feature of python is that the codes are being written in c, c++ and it has readable syntax.
It has dynamic syntax.
Sound introspection capabilities.
Python also supports various integration techniques.
Python is an user friendly application.
It has less code than java.

overview about python versions

Python has been updated five times. Totally it has five versions. Version 1.0 has feature of reducing the number of functional programming. So then it had been updated as 1.4 which supports complex function.
Then version two had been updated. Version 2 has the feature of garbage collection. And its syntax is readable so we can easily understand the program
Python version3 is quietly different from other versions. Many peoples moved to version3 from version2 by inspiring the feature of backward incompatibility.
This is the latest version of the python. The next version of the python can be expected around 2023

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