8 Skills You Need to be a Data Scientist

January 3, 2019 Data Science

Regardless of your past experience or knowledge, there is nothing you need to continue to do in data science. I am here to help you learn the skills necessary for the development and where you can learn.

In particular, he and the team work with industry leaders to identify a total of eight scientific knowledge about the science needed to be developed. I describe below, and you can find more information about the information and skills of learning the final reference end of the publication.

The 8 Data Science Skills That Will Get You Hired

Programming  knowledge

Regardless of the type of company or document you are interviewing, you think you have what you need to know how to use the workplace. This refers to language programming, such as English or Python, and query language information such as SQL.


Good knowledge of census is important, the data teacher. You must study statistics, distribution, as much as possible, etc. It will also be a learning machine, but one of the most important mathematical knowledge that understands that technology is different (or not) is valid. This is a very important business class, but the company is relying on interesting information and depends on their help in making decisions and making / testing assessments.

Machine Learning

If you are in a large company with a lot of information, or a company that owns itself, especially for consumer data (for example, Netflix, Google Maps, Uber), that might be the case. You must study the formal education system. This can mean things like close neighbors, forests, three or more. It is true that many of these systems can be implemented using the Python language or the library, without the need for expertise to deliver the work. It is important to understand the activities really understandable if the use of various techniques is appropriate.

Multivariable Calculus & Linear Algebra

Understanding is the key part of the company, where the product is defined as the data, and the smallest algorithms for the performance prediction or can result in significant profitability of the company. In the science-based science interview, you may be asked to reduce the amount of education or census results used elsewhere. Or, you can request a computer interview or many algebraic questions, as they are based on many of these techniques. You may think why a group of professionals have an understanding of this concept when there are many activities in Python or R’s answer box should always be provided, perhaps the value of the data teams creating their own custom.

Data Wrangling

Often, the data they want to analyze is very difficult to manage. For this reason, it is important to know how to manage wrong data. Examples include the error rate for missing information, the pattern of error patterns (‘New York’ and ‘New York’ and ‘n’) and the date format (’01 / 01/2017 ‘and’ 01/01/2017 ‘ Unix times and times, etc.). This is important for small businesses, first, for tenants’ information, or business, where things are not related to each other (especially since then it is sooner to be cultivated, there will be lots of attention especially clean up the data). ), but this skill is important for everyone to have,

Data Visualization & Communication

The qualities and communication features are very important, especially small businesses to make informed decisions for the first time, or a company where scientific information is viewed by people who help others make decisions based data. When it comes to communication, this means describing creativity or technology for the public, both technical and non-technical. From the point of view, it can be a very useful tool to know how matplotlib image, ggplot or d3.js. Schedule Worksheet is a photographic and photography drawing. It’s not just important to learn the essential tools to see the data, but also The principles behind the image of data and data communication.

Software engineering

If you are interviewing a small company, and it is one of the first scientific data in science, it may be important that you have a strong foundation for engineering. You are responsible for managing a large number of data and, possibly, developing data-based products.

Data Intuition

Companies want to see that you are the data-based data. At some time during the interview process, it is possible to ask for a high level of problem, for example, a test that the company may want to deal with or about the products based on the data you want to improve.

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