AngularJS vs jQuery

AngularJS  vs jQuery vs. the proportion of the general population to develop new web interface over time are made. Although it is not technically appropriate to compare the structure of the JavaScript library, you would be forgiven for confusing a library as extensive and as strong as the jQuery framework. After all, diversity is helping […]

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AWS EC2 Instances

Amazon EC2 is here to offer the choice of many sample types that can be optimized to suit different use cases. All kinds of examples have achieved such a combination, such as CPU, storage, memory, and network capacity. This also gives you flexibility in choosing the right combination of features for each application. For each […]

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Selenium Career Opportunities

The digital world is moving away from manual testing and automation equipment with the emergence of this new trend for test automation. the automation of the most coveted by the two companies for their efforts and the young for their professional promotion is selenium. Selenium has become a tool to test the most popular as […]

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python career opportunities

In this dynamic world, nothing is constant and everything is changing rapidly, but the popularity of Python has been about to cease. Have you ever wondered if it really pays to learn Python? If yes, what Python can you get out of your career? But have you ever wondered if it’s really worth it? If […]

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What’s the Value of an AWS Certification?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the few technologies used around the world and the size and function of company difference. A technology like universal used must have a universal proof that validates the skills of the professional world and that is claimed. For AWS, and its affiliates take the test and provide […]

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RPA Tools Comparison

Robot Process automation technology is new in the industry and to implement the RPA RPA we have tools. You must be aware of at least one of the RPAs and the certification of a tool such as UiPath can be accessed as a RPA developer. In this blog, RPA tools, the topics discussed below: introduction […]

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Data science Career Opportunities

A data scientist, according to the Harvard Business Review, “a high professional and curious practice of making discoveries in the world of Big Data.” Therefore, it is not surprising that data scientists are professionals coveted in the analysis of large volumes of data and in the IT industry. With experts predicting that 40 zettabytes of […]

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Difference Between Data Science and Cloud Computing

Data scientists need to be experts in computer science and software programming, verbal and written communication, probability and statistics, and business domain. As computer systems and storage capacity have become more accessible over time, some of the solutions now use a variety of computer systems that are not cooperating with the very exorbitant scale, rather […]

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Selenium IDE

Selenium-IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a tool used to develop your selenium test cases. This is an easy-to-use extension of Chrome and Firefox and is generally the most efficient way to develop test cases. This is registered in the user actions in the browser for you, use the selenium command, with the parameters defined by […]

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What is PySpark?

Apache Spark the big data-processing machine, with some advantages over MapReduce. Spark offers great simplicity by removing many repetitive codes displayed on Hadoop. In addition, because pull handles most operations in memory, it is usually faster than MapReduce, in which data is written to the disk after each operation. PySpark a Python API to play. […]

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